Work Smart, Not Hard

I've been in the corporate world for quite some time prior to getting into this independent creative industry that I'm in now. As a photographer, I have worked with so many different types of companies that this is what classifies both worlds:

Corporate companies usually aim for the masses. Quantity over quality. Even if their independently owned, they can still operate like a corporate company. If you're a company employee, you usually get the corporate thinking type of support that will help you do your job better or worse.

Independently owned companies are focused and small. Quality over quantity. Less is more. If you're a company employee, you get the type of positive support and flexibility that you would usually find with friends and family.

If you're a photographer or anyone in this case working on your own, it's better to put your efforts to those clients that truly understand the value great work in addition to giving you the necessary feedback to continue to do what you love in the long run.

So when it's raining, you know how to make it pour.