In The Field: Japan Upper House Election 2013

So it begins tomorrow, July 21, 2013 and I'm back out on assignment once again for the EPA while the majority out there is probably going to enjoy their day off. This is my second time covering the elections in Japan so the pressure is on for every photographer to make great pictures and transmitting to the wire within minutes after the results are announced.


As you can see from above, one of my images from the last year's election coverage was used in yesterday's story about the upcoming election in the Japan edition of The Huffington Post. Lots of ballots were counted that evening...



Here's my equipment for tomorrow. Pretty standard stuff for news coverage except for that 400 2.8 there. While at the EPA Tokyo bureau yesterday, it was recommended by my Chief to bring along the beast and so I have no complaints other than the fact that it weighs a ton or two ;-) Miscellaneous stuff not pictured is my laptop, external hard drive, monopod (for the 400), ladder, lens blower, card reader, Internet transmission device and so on.

Happy funday Sunday everyone!