There's No Place Like Home

LA in March. LA in April. Both on different occasions have taken me back home last month and in this month. Of all the countries I've visited, there still will never be any place like Southern California.


Reason is that there is a little bit of everything: blue skies, great weather, beautiful sunsets, the beaches, the mountains, downtown, huge skateparks, good food, good people, laid back atmosphere and much more. Above photo was taken at Santa Monica Beach just as the sun set during my recent time back home. I used to hang out and skateboard in that area often, and it brought back lots of memorable time that will never become a blur.

A strange feeling hit me that it was not until this particular trip that it made me realize that I should be home more often with family (and friends). Time passes by so quickly for all of us that sometimes we forget to appreciate where we came from. As some would say, "every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around."