The End to a New Beginning

I still remember the day I officially left California to begin a new life of the uncertainty and unknown in Japan...this was back in July of 2005. Some people may think I'm nuts for leaving the U.S., especially Southern California where it's always warm nearly all year around, and have all my family and friends there in a tight close circle. Don't get me wrong though, California is a great place and it's where I'll eventually end up when the time comes.

Last Monday night a couple of the guys and girls over at the photo agency went out for a little farewell dinner for Tomoko who has been with the company for some time, playing a key roll for a staff of 100. She made her dream fly after what it seemed took a lot of hard work, persistence and patience. She'll be moving to New York. How awesome is that especially during these recent times the world is facing.

Congrats to Tomoko! We'll see you in New York.