Da Whip: 1990 Honda Civic CRX

This was a hard one to let go. It basically came down to either getting rid of my car or take a unique opportunity of a lifetime to move to Japan not knowing what the hell I was getting into. I chose Japan and so here I am 7 years later... Cars are such fun, especially the one I owned - a 1990 Honda Civic CRX Si. It wasn't the lightest of all the models, but I enjoyed how it treated me during the time I had it. I'd say a sleeper it was filled with nice internal goodies on the inside. It wasn't exactly the quickest on the streets compared to the crew I hung out with but it did its duty when it had to. WRX STI's, MR2's, Corvettes, etc. on a 1/4 mile but after that extra stretch I was left looking at the other car's taillights.

My car was daily driven and everyday getting from point A to point B was like a roller coaster ride. Stiff as hell meaning I could feel every single road imperfection. Gas mileage was pathetic and having to use 91 octane or half race gas/half 91 octane didn't help me any better financially. But overall didn't matter too much when it was time to have a little fun here and there...

For those of you who were wondering about the "chrisonepointeight" name, this is where it originated from years back. "Chris" my first name and "onepointeight" is the 1.8 liter motor I ran the hood. To be exact it was a custom built 1.8 LS/VTEC. Will throw the specs down in between the pictures...

Clean and simple as it should be, especially in the SoCal area.

Front 3/4.

Rear 3/4.

The rear and its hot JDM taillights.

In the garage doing some maintenance.

Had the valve cover custom made to give it a more "stock" look to it.

Motor specs:

  • Ported DPR B16a head
  • B18A1 block w/ .25 oversized USDM ITR pistons
  • Skunk2 valvetrain
  • Skunk2 Stage II cams
  • Skunk2 cam gears
  • 345cc Prelude injectors
  • B&M fuel pressure regulator & gauge
  • Walbro 255lph fuel pump
  • DH-R ported B16 intake manifold
  • DH-R bored out B16 throttlebody
  • J1 LSD cable tranny
  • Exedy 6-puck clutch
  • Generic intake and filter
  • Hawker G13EP lightweight racing battery
  • DC 1-piece 4-2-1 header
  • 2.5 in. piping with a 18 in. resonator
  • ES Oval style Magnaflow flat black muffler 2.5 inlet/outlet

Generic front tower strut bar with a wooden bar for added support.


  • KYB AGX shocks
  • Ground Control Coilovers
  • Gunmetal HX rims w/ red H centercaps
  • Falken Azenis w/ about 90% tread at the time


  • Momo Corse steering wheel
  • ITR shift boot
  • ITR shift knob
  • Generic short shifter
  • Autometer tach
  • Stock CRX Si seats

Hid the APEXI V-AFC in the glove compartment and was running a OBD0 PR3 Mugen chipped ECU ( VTEC 5,900 & Redline 9,200).

Took out all of the sound deadening material and painted the entire interior myself. Not too bad for a DIY.

Another rear interior shot. I should've added a rear strut tower bar but I was too broke at the time!

Now what do you know about these bad boys? Mickey Thompson slicks on black steelies with some generic Kragen Auto Parts hubcaps. Super sleeper right here. I wanted to get some spinners just for kicks and giggles but never gotten around to doing that.

I only took these out with me when I had a race.

April 8, 2005. This is the day I sold my car to this young guy (Brad) up in the Riverside area. Sold it for $6,000 flat. It was one of the hardest moments to see this car go but I was happy for Brad that he's gonna have a ton of fun with it as much as I did. Before I handed over the keys to him, I told him that if he ever crashed it, to never let me know because it'll probably just rip me to pieces.

There you guys and girls have it. A little history of my car days which explains why I shoot cars because it's one of my passions although I haven't owned a car in Japan yet, doesn't mean I still don't like looking and hanging out around the scene! The $6,000 I sold off my car for was part of the money I used to move to begin my new adventure in Japan.