Bangkok up in Here, Part I

Thailand is a great country not only just for site-seeing but for the art and photography scene as well. Lots of great stuff out there. Spent my birthday there last year which happens to be during Songkran and although I spent most of my time in the car driving, I did get the chance to see a lot of the non-touristy side of the country. Fast forwarding to 2012 and here we are situated in the Grand Deluxe Suite at The Peninsula Bangkok. Can't thank the staff enough for their generosity.

Here's a little tour of the room:

Living room.

Not just a living room but a living room with river view.

Controls and things.

Entering the bathroom area.


Sink #1.

Sink #2.

Up close.

I could sit in here all day.

The bedroom.

Workspace near the entrance.

Let's get the suite room party started!

Hallway into the bathroom and bedroom area.

Just out back of the hotel hopping onto the ferry.

Part II coming soon...