A Real Mental Trip: Mind Over Matter

I think I might of said it before, but us photographers get to meet a lot of interesting people whether it's Hollywood celebrities, smokin' hot fashion models, CEO's to gang members. We get to spend time in their world for either a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, and document it. Real mind over matter

So I had the pleasure of visiting one guy's house where he was known to take any solid piece of metal and bend or break it into two pieces using purely his mind. I was skeptical at first so prior to my visit, I went out and found the thickest stainless steel fork I could find and challenged him to break the thing.

The day came where I showed up and whipped out the nice thick solid steel fork I had just for him. After doing our formal introductions with one another, it was time to get down to showcase the real deal or the fake deal. Got my camera prepped and had the guy do his thing.

To start it off, the guy went jumping up and down and spinning in all sorts of directions like a chicken with its head cut off. It appeared to me that it was just his way for him to get in his zone of some sort. After all that, he went and stood right in front of me, guided the fork up slowly to his face like it was some holy object and started making very slow martial art-like movements with the fork. He then moved the fork in all sorts of directions with his eyes closed the entire time and he gripped the fork in a way that it could not easily be bent or broken into two without have both hands at the ends of it. About five minutes passed and my eyes pressed through the viewfinder were locked on the forks and his hands the entire time. Suddenly I could see the fork slowly become to liquefy as he moved the object around in the air like a weapon. The fork, once a solid piece of steel, then became as flexible as a piece of Twizzlers candy until the top end completely broke off and fell to the ground. And that was it. Pure mind over matter...it was hard to believe at first but the gifted man proved me wrong!