A Gender Bender Fashion Twist

Fashion photos are a dime a dozen. They all look the same to me more or less. Maybe partly because I’m not just a fashion photographer. You see the ame type of photos being made and same filters being applied. Male photographers only shooting women in skimpy outfits. Everyone does this! Male photographers only having one type of ethnicity dominating their portfolio. You see lots of them out there like that.

Surely the work of others out there that we see on the internet and magazines have influenced many of us to replicate the work of someone we’re never going to be.

So what should you do?

You aim to shoot differently. Not better. Your work isn’t going to be for everyone but who cares really. It’s all about putting your efforts into making something unique for yourself.

Here is my little twist to fashion. The Narumi Takizawa Collection:

Although Takizawa's designs are for women, it was interesting to see them on a male figure. Not your typical type of fashion shoot but it was a lot of fun just being involved.

Shot all in ambient light using the 6D (before I sold it) mounted on a tripod and a 50mm F1.4. Shutter speeds were somewhere between 1/25th and 1/40th at F4, ISO 1000.