Remembering Japan March 11

Yesterday marked the three year anniversary of the 2011 Japan March 11 earthquake and tsunami tragedy.


This original iconic image of Yoshikatsu Hiratsuka crying in the snow swept the internet in 2011 and this him (L) a month out from March 11 and his grandson (R) paying their respects to Yoshikatsu’s wife and mother. There are survivors like Yoshikatsu and his grandson who were fortunate enough to find their loved ones and bury them at a temporary mass grave located on high ground just like this one. It’s kinda interesting how death of someone close to you can change your perspective on life. How money and materialistic things don’t actually matter. At first, Yoshikatsu was reluctant to talk, but his only request was to drive him up to the grave and then he would talk. Even money can’t buy happiness.

My respects goes out to all those who were affected and lost their loved ones not just because it was 3/11 yesterday, but for also changing the way I see life with a camera.