And Another in the New York Times

I rely on my readers to hit me up when they happen to come across my photos in newspapers and magazines. So here is another one of my pictures spotted in the print edition of The New York Times Business. Online version here.


This isn't a first for the NYT. Seems that the photo editor there who has to go through more than enough images to make your eyes go crazy in a day, has a taste for some of my pictures that I put through the wire. I could only imagine how many photo feeds the NYT is subscribed to...

I was already working on another assignment that day Sony officially announced they were selling off their Vaio business. So as how all breaking news stories go, we photographers usually rush out to make pictures of something Sony, caption and file our selects to the wire. Sounds simple but deadlines are now. Not tomorrow.

I'm used to seeing lots of the same types of standard news pictures made so what I always keep in mind to myself when out on a story is to simply shoot differently. Whether that be visiting a different store that most of the photographers don't usually shoot at (in this case I did), getting up close or putting my camera in low/high places. Getting your cameras in different places surely has its benefits.