Fujifilm Arrived On My Doorstep

So it begins. After a couple email exchanges with Fujifilm, one meeting and sitting through a two-hour presentation, this arrives at the office.


Yes, it's the Fujifilm X100S. This camera has literally changed a few photographer's lives in the way they work, so perhaps it may just change mine. For now though, I can't say that it will for sure.

But what's cool is that Fujifilm has given me the complete creative freedom and flexibility to say whatever I want about this camera to anyone. How about me posting good or bad things on the internet? No problem. Hell, this camera is going into my bag wherever I go and I'm going to use it on some actual assignments.

It may be risky on Fujifilm's part to send one of their products like this X100S to a loose cannon like myself who has never used a Fujifilm camera in his entire life. But on the other hand, a new adventure begins for the both of us...