Saying Thanks...

Thanksgiving was celebrated yesterday all across the US and while I've had my plate full of photography stuff these days, I wasn't able to post yesterday. So as I would put it: better late than never.

On the road in LA in search of some good coffee.

On the road in LA in search of some good coffee.

Like US citizens (such as myself) living on the other side of the globe, we make our best effort to do something in celebration for Thanksgiving. I didn't do much actually. In fact I had a two shoots yesterday evening but I managed to squeeze some time in with my close people. Didn't eat turkey but had some really authentic Thai food at one of my favorite hole in the wall places.

For many of us out there lots have happened this year. While some people are no longer with us on this earth anymore, we all try to move on by traveling and meeting new people or discovering a new way of living life. As for me, I'm very thankful for actually having such a cool supportive family, amazing friends, wonderful clients that I truly love working with, and mentors who put up with some of my ridiculous questions. I'm thankful that I still have my health and vision because without those, I wouldn't be able to have this strange lifestyle that I never thought would be possible.

Lastly, I'm super grateful that the camera still remains active in my hands after all this time.