A Naked Photo Moment

This was something that I call getting lost in photography. Just coming up with a random idea and shooting it just for the sake of making something fun.

Sure, I could've used some pretty girl to take off her clothes in public but everyone in this world shoots women, and it's more or less all the same to me. Trying to get away from a whole lot of this sameness out there.


That's Zai in this photo here. Totally a cool guy and loves skateboarding just like me. He's in the processing of putting his book together to find representation in modeling so it was cool we got to collaborate on something that works out for the both of us.

Took several frames at a small local park in Tokyo, guerrilla style. Clothes off, run and jump in front of the 6D with the 50 1.4. I was shooting somewhere around 1/400 at F4, ISO 800. Bumped up the brightness and contrast in PS. Nothing too fancy in post-processing because I'm not so much of a digital hack artist, but more of a photographer I'd say. In and out under 7 minutes due to the risk factor of attracting the outside public.

I've got LOTS more coming, I promise, but just trying to pace myself out with the posts. 

Happy Monday funday peoples.