When it's Time to Move on...

Everyone thinks about their life at some certain point in time and there many out there who know they need to change something about themselves for the better. Why waste the time to do it later and not now? You only live once. Start now.

Some things I see happening in today's world...

In your life:

  • When you come up with excuses for your unacceptable behavior.
  • When you drink and smoke excessively.
  • When you keep on going to parties every weekend.
  • When you always "have to" find something to do every weekend.
  • When you settle for less and not more.
  • When you don't have a passion for anything.
  • When you have to go out every night just to entertain yourself.

In your career:

  • When you struggle getting up to go into the office.
  • When you keep bragging how good you are.
  • When you keep talking and showing less action.
  • When it takes you days to complete a simple task.
  • When you become a dick to people.
  • When you make strategic excuses for working at the company you hate.
  • When you watch the clock constantly.
  • When you can't wait for that 6 o'clock time to punch out.
  • When you look forward to Friday nights each week.

Of course with this all said to be on a positive note, this is just a little wake-up call for those of you who need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.