New Website: A Fresh New Look

Actually I have been running this theme for a while now but haven't been able to convince myself fully to be satisfied with the looks of it with most of the contents in place. There has been never a better time to do a major update to my website that I have neglected for quite some time especially with 2012 (Year of the Dragon) just a couple days away. It was the plan for me to get the website cleaned up just before the start of the new year and I'm glad I can check this off my mental to-do list. Lots of new photos up in the portfolio section which is divided up into fifteen galleries or so and moved a few things around...rewrote some of text and what not. Peak around and let me know what you guys and girls think. The website is not all perfect yet as there are still a few noticeable and unnoticeable  kinks that need to be worked out but from here on out you'll see more of me on here.