Last Night: Nirvana New York 5th Anniversary Party

Had an awesome time with the gang last night at the Nirvana New York 5 year anniversary party. Good food, good entertainment and good fun. It's been a while where I didn't have to think about pictures for a change and the chance for me to be in a couple of them. The gang at the Nirvana New York 5th Anniversary Party

This photo was shot with my friend Kaya's beefy Nikon D4, a nice piece of body that's for sure. No strobe although it may look like something was positioned right at about 5 o'clock from where the shot was taken. All ambient lighting shot at 1/40, f2.8, ISO6400. I'm really impressed. Even with the Canon Mark IV that I shoot with, I have to say the output isn't all quite there to that of the D4.