Hong Kong: A Sneak Peek of What's to Come

Some of you may already know that I have been frequenting Hong Kong in recent times. I have a few projects cooking up over there on that side of the region for me and the people that I'm working with. So here I am all collared up on a nice hot afternoon (on my birthday) in HK meeting with this large multinational corporation which primarily tailors their products to the wealthy whether its B2B or B2C. They handle it all. Since we're still planning out the logistics and have to make a few trips back to HK for this (and the food), I can't announce just yet on what's going down for September and no, it's not a party. What I can show off for now is a few pictures of their awesome venue which isn't open to the public and is only available for selected VIP guests by invitation only. Enjoy...

In the first meeting with marketing.

Looking at some company details.

This application on the iPad controls everything in your house. Now you don't ever have to leave your couch except for when you need to use the bathroom!

Classy that's for sure. Especially that massive wine cellar in the far back.

Comfy chairs.

This place gets great natural sunlight during the day.

More fancy goodness.

All around this interior is baller!

Everything you see in here is of the finest furniture and equipment.