Happy Thanksgiving from Tokyo

Thanksgiving dinner in Tokyo The older we all get, the more our lives become occupied with the usual ups and downs as we all plow ahead to keep on moving. Although not everyone could've made it out for Thanksgiving dinner here last night, it was great to step back from the work stuff for a minute and sit down with people who were able to make it and enjoy a nice buffet at Bubby's New York. Apart from stuffing ourselves with turkey slices and pies, conversations were kept up about cameras, photography and doing what you love.

I guess there's lots to be thankful for in this world. Most importantly it would be my family, my health and the people I've connected with in Japan and in various countries during this year. Work wise I'm grateful that I'm still standing with the camera in my hands and not have that feeling of "looking forward to the weekend" to unwind.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.