A Cop Shoots Our Photoshoot

This was back in LA when me and some other photographer friends of mine spent an afternoon shooting one of our model friends around the downtown area until an unexpected guess rolled up. Let me tell you, dealing with police is a gamble, especially in LA. Sometimes you get the ones having a good day and the others not so much of a good day. But either way, you have to remember these men/women (cops) are human, have feelings and got jobs to do just like us and sometimes both of our duties just doesn't fly right with each other all the time. For most photographer out there, you have to deal with many different kinds of people and it's not only convincing the person that you're work is the bomb so that "I have to be here to take this photograph," it's part psychology and part negotiation. In our particular case with the man in black he was just about ready to do some justice if we tried to get smart, but we flipped the job roles around and allowed him to take shots of the model then after, shots with him next to the model. In the end, the cop gave us his contact info if we ever wanted to shoot around this area again, to just give him a call and he'd come by to be our assistant and personal security guard free of charge.