Simply Sexy

Been doing a bit of fashion as of late in between my usual assignments, which is always a fun thing to take on when the occasion arises. I'm pretty backlogged now with content so I'm just going to share this quick one from the studio until I can find time to clear my head and do a better write-up.

This is my friend Emi. Met her years back down in Okinawa and and it's always a pleasure to photograph her in and outside of the studio. Not only is she one of the most down-to-earth people I know, but she's got tons of positive and creative energy that I just can't keep up at times. I can just sit there and let her words fill my brain with ideas I never thought of. It's like that, and maybe that's why I was able to collaborate with her on a few jobs where she was assigned as the CD. This was the last frame shot of 476 and probably one of my favorites because it reflects the authenticity of her personality and sexiness at the same time.

More soon...