A Live Snail Facial Treatment

I'd go nuts if I were stuck shooting beauty or fashion in the studio for the rest of my life. I mean, could you imagine being in closed quarters for 8-10-12-14-24 hours a day? Day after day? The interesting stuff to photograph are usually present outside of the traditional photo studio setting. Such stuff that I'm referring to is live snails crawling all over one's face, which is what some people believe to be as the next hottest thing in facial treatments.

It's funny because I don't have a clue about the beauty and fashion industry, but yet, I'm privileged to shoot a chunk of it here and there. Really gotta thank my editors, photo editors and art directors who believe that I have somewhat of a distinct eye for the beauty and fashion thing. what should be include in

So I'm off once again for The Times packed pretty light for this. The 6D, 16-35 and 50 1.4 in the Think Tank Shape Shifter.



The snails live in a small plastic cage and they eat only organic vegetables. Snails gotta stay healthy in order for them to leave their rich sludge all over a customer's face.


Here are the beauty salon in Tokyo, one of their staff member's was more than happy to be the model for the demonstration. After all, she gets this expensive "celebrity" facial treatment done on the house.



Now to place those slimy little creatures on her face…


Sometimes you gotta stick together in certain situations.


 Only three of them max are allowed onl. I guess like most things, too much of anything is usually not good.


 The snails living it up in their own closed temperature controlled room.

In the end of things, the story never ran unfortunately. That's the life of newspapers and magazines...deadlines, last minute incoming advertising, spacing issues and etc., can cause stories to be put away in the company's digital archive.