Albert Siegel's Big Pentax Glass

Last weekend I went out to a park just off the bay of Tokyo with a photographer friend of mine Albert Siegel who was doing a hands on review of Pentax's 560mm F5.6ED AW super-telephoto lens that he got on loan from the company. A unique piece of glass it is  and surprisingly lightweight that you can shoot with it handheld if you are buff enough like Albert is. He's a Pentax guy on a mission and as a Canon shooter, it was refreshing to the hands and eyes to play around with some of his equipment.


This is Tsubasa Park which is a pretty decent walk out from the train station. And even a longer walk if you're carrying a load of equipment on your back which was the case for us. Or more for Albert I should say... The park was a perfect location for shooting planes taking off at Haneda Airport as the end of the runway is just right off in the distance from where we were situated.


The pose. Obviously photographers love these types of poses especially with long glass. I shot this photo of him down low from the ground with my 6D and the 16-35 F2.8.


Here's Albert missing the shot that he should be getting. As photographers, we often miss lots of shots during our working profession but what's important is that you can still smile about it, pick yourself back up and go out until you get things right even if the previous day that you worked 14 hours on was complete garbage.