New Website is LIVE

In light of some new projects coming for me in the near future, I got a new domain (, don't forget to bookmark it), logo, and ditched the WordPress blog. I wanted to put more emphasis on showcasing my work in a traditional portfolio type manner so I went fishing for another platform. After talking with a few industry people about the options out there, the decision was made to hop on over to Squarespace. It's simple, easy, fast and just works right.


One of the main problems I was having with WordPress is I found myself spending more time messing around with all those useless plugins, updates and customizing things that ended up never working the way I wanted it to (because I'm not a pro website guy). With Squarespace, I can now focus more on the content which I'm excited to do now because I've got a lot to spill on here.

Still a few kinks around on the website as I'm still changing/updating some areas but I got the bulk of it up and running for the most part. Will probably be adding some new images into my portfolios section during the course of the next few weeks.

Would love to hear all of your thoughts if you have any...