What If Photography Was Your Job?

What if photography was your job?


Shooting catalog in studio, an editorial feature, or out in the field doing news. Each day is a different day.

The psychological pressure of your shots sucking. The crap camera that you are shooting with. Standing on your feet for 8 hours in miserable weather. Missing your flight. Being late for that 4:30am call time in Shanghai. The people telling you that your photos are horrible. Worrying about not fitting in with the crowd. Your editor screaming at you for missing the file deadline. Making that grammatical error in your photo caption after it had been put out on the wire.

Your worries is another person’s joy. If you come to think, it's only a job if you let it be. To make a living with a camera, be in control of the decisions we make and pictures that we create, is something we worth cherishing.

Photography calls out to many, but chooses few.